October 21st, 2003


Reason #219862384 why I love Michele

She asked if I needed anything from the store. I said I could use some soup. Any ol' soup. Maybe some english muffins if it wasn't too much trouble. And Max could use some dryfood.

She brought me THREE kinds of soup*, sourdough english muffins, hummus, nummy crackers, kittyfood, some weird frozen food, and-- get this-- roses and Brussels cookies (because they didn't have my favouritest kind).

Then she gave me money.

I love my Michele. Don't think I don't know how freaking lucky I am to have such a fabulous friend. If she had a penis... maaaaaaaan. I don't think P woulda hadda chance ;)

OK, enough mushiness. Time for more cookies :)

* This is actually pretty amazing, and waaaay superwonderful of her, considering the fact that I'm allergic to MSG, which most soups contain, and she has to read every darned label!
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    sick, but eating all the cookies anyway