October 2nd, 2003


Please help!

I know that there are at least three professional guitar-players on my friends list.

P and I are considering getting the Zman a wireless guitar mic for his bday. He (Z) is quite keen on the AKG WMS 40 GB Guitar Bug Wireless System.

Now, if it were me, I think I'd be drooling over the Sennheiser EW172 100 Series. However, I don't go playing my gee-tar over my head and shit, yo. So a guitar bug is probably the most appropriate thing for him to use.

I'm thinking the true-diversity version is definitely the way to go-- less dropout with two antennae, right?

I looked at the various sites and downloadable manuals and it does seem as though THIS:
is the same as this:
...since the latter is in stock, I'd be going with that.

Does it matter whether I choose US54 freq 710.4 or US58 734.6? That's only an issue if there are other wireless mics being used, right?

Any other info you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks :)

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