September 8th, 2003


So sick.

Tummy looks and feels like a basketball. Has since dindin last night. (Dindin itself, however, was awesome.)

It's very similar to what happened at Dragoncon, but with a headache over my left eye instead of a high fever.

Came into work at noonish, but am not long for this world.

Funny enough, P's home sick today, too-- 1200 miles away.

I wonder if this is the same virus I've been fighting all week. And I wonder if my doctor was correct in his diagnosis.

Forget rehearsal. Forget re-calking the tub. Forget mowing. Forget catching up with two billion accumulated comments.

It's just me, cat and Harry Potter tonight.

Apologies for falling behind on your comments and your lives.
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    remind me to write about tonsilloliths sometime