September 5th, 2003

rubbah and horns

What a wonderful inbox morning!

My email's been wonky, see, and there's stuff from WEDNESDAY that I didn't get 'til the wee hours of this morning.

Among the treasures contained therein:
A memo: My Sweetie's been elected Treasurer for two years of some big hoohah international association
A Student Summary (progress) Report for an entrepreneurship class: The Boy is kicking ass in school
A drawing/photograph: My boys, taken at Disney the day after the adoption.

heh. my boys.
Is it any wonder I get lost in those eyes for hours at a time?

Oh, and a beautiful photograph of certain people kissing. Soooooooo swooony. I love these people, I really do! But they must know that already :)

Is this SUPPOSED to be my life? I mean when did I become such a yuppie? When did I start writing about my husband's bf's job and status and my stepson's bf's son's grades?

That'd be today.

Mm. OK then.

Thank heavens. At least I didn't start blabbering on about the beauty and appeal of Assher-cut diamonds. *cough*

Will get back to earlier comments later. Hope you're all having a superwonderfulous day!
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