August 17th, 2003


Apologies for the photo x-post.

Really late photos from Toronto!!

You could take an eye out!
The high point of the trip was the fact that Steph spent the entire weekend naked.
Maybe that should be high points? Yes, I do think so.

Freaks in the cab-- YOURS!
Steph's ongoing nudity brought on a lot of unwanted attention.
These odd (and yet strangely beautiful) people kept following us all over the city.
Eventually, we had sex with them just so they'd leave us alone.

I will post more photos eventually, though I'll probably post them only to jude_fest, with merely a link or a mention here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

In other news, I just bought a cellphone. I'll tell you more about it when it's actually charged and I've figured it out.

I'm SO THRILLED for mattcallow and general_jinjur!! CONGRATULATIONS, MY DEARS! Weddings always make me cry. Even moreso when it's such a marvelous love story :) *sniffleBAWL*

Poet was recently hit over the head with the realization that "instant stepmom, just add guys" is a really bizarre position to be in. (For the record, didn't hit him over the head with it; it merely dawned on him.) It's not a bad position, mind you, just a bizarre one :) I'm totally loving his kid. I just remember that whenever the absurdity of the situation gets a bit much. I hope I'm up to the challenge of raising a sudden teenager.

I may buy a room full of records, simply because I can. Michele would try to talk me out of it. Poet is fully supportive. More on that tomorrow.

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7 weeks and a day! I should do something nice for myself when I hit the two-month mark. Any suggestions?

somebodies seems pretty neat. I'm liking that someone is finding connections between otherwise disparate entries. I'm glad I could contribute in some small odd way.

Strangely enough, this whole entry is a series of seemingly unconnected disparate thoughts. Score is now somebodies: 1, ldy: 0

OK, enough for now. I'm gonna go take out my garbage and stare at my phone.

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    I need to toast to the happy couple, and I drank all the champagne this weekend :)