August 14th, 2003


It's my THOUSANDTH ENTRY, and isn't it exciting?*

We are sick we are sick, we are sick sick sick

Ugh. I'm so sick. I have that sinus thing again. Got it yesterday. I'm back at work today, though. Hooray for herbals and homeopathics!

I thought for sure that quitting smoking would make me less susceptible to this sinus problem. Ah, well. If I told you what I thought triggered it, you'd probably tell me I was crazy.

Anywho, I was feeling OK Tuesday (only the beginnings of a sore throat, which should have been a HUGE CLUE to me to start fighting this thing, but no), so I went to karaoke. Sang Nora Jones's Come Away with Me and Anne Murray's Could I Have this Dance, neither of which I'd ever sung before. They were OK. Kristin and Jack were there, along with the usual gang (minus Joanna). It was nice seeing everyone and being silly and huggy.

Wednesday, I was dead to the world. My boss didn't recognize my voice on the phone when I called in. Mind you, I'm second-in-command, and have worked for this man for nearly ten years-- that he couldn't recognize me is saying something. I was supposed to conduct a teleseminar at 7p, but there was just no way. My boss, however, was also in a bad way with a bad back. Still, he had a voice, whereas I did not, so he took care of the teleseminar. I finally got up around 6pm, and made some soup around 7ish. I'll do the teleseminar next week, I guess.

Around the world in eighty days

My Poet has been amazing. I'm actually making private myeyesonly posts about him because telling you guys would just make your teef hurt. He's that sweet.

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My Poet has a funny way of negotiating. Seems like my choices now are to sell/rent my house and move to Florida for awhile, or save myself all that trouble and just marry him once he's officially divorced so he can move up here. Some choice! Seems like I'm stuck with happily ever after regardless. Sheesh. I can't win! ;) My inner commitmentphobe has given up on fighting his winning ways, his son seems to appreciate my Eville Stepmotherish tendencies, and we're accumulating all sorts of miles for our honeymoon in europe a random trip somewhere at some point in future. I am afeared. Even my inner pirate seems to approve.

WOOHOO! I just booked tix on Southwest to go down to visit him in September-- last night it would have cost me $175, but it looks like a flight opened up and I'm getting a round-trip ticket for just $120. You can't beat that! We have plans to meet no less than every three weeks... Dragoncon (Atlanta) 08/28-09/01, Gainesville/Orlando 09/18-09/22, Albany 10/09-10/13, Huntsville 10/31-11/02, Baltimore 11/06-11/09, and then comes Thanksgiving...

Yeah. It's an LDR, but it's gooooooood :)

All the news that wouldn't fit

I'm totally out of the loop in regards to your lives. I'm also behind on comments. Sorry. If you're waiting for some kind of response from me, please remind me. I'm really that lost.

[insidejoke]...the "lady" is actually a 350 pound smelly Linux hippy in his mom's basement. Bwahahahaha. I told you guys. Zelda sends her love![/insidejoke]

Jftr, in my 6+ weeks of being a non-smoker, I've non-smoked 1,025 cigarettes so far. OVER A THOUSAND. And it's just the beginning, believe me :D Big hollas to corto and alcestis who are on this same train!!

Tomorrow night, we have an unusual Friday night improv show. It will be Kristin's last one for a very long time :( We're all going to party afterward :) (That was like an emoticon train wreck, wasn't it.)


In other other news, I didn't put any stuff in my hair today, so it's incredibly soft. I can't keep my hands off myself.

Go ahead, touch it. You know you want to.

Little did I know when I was writing this thing, that it would be my THOUSANDTH ENTRY. Go figure! Probably one of my most boring and meandering entries, too. Here's what I think is my hundredth entry, for no reason at all.

It's only fitting that I use my first icon, and end this with my usual wish (which I don't use often enough these days):
Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough :)


* A: No, it isn't! But that's OK! :D
** And yes, I know I still need to post photos of Toronto, New Jersey, and Sarasota! :P
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Word from Upstate NY

Woohoo! We have power back!!

Funny thing...power went out around 4:30p... word was that power was out at least as far north as Glens Falls, and at least as far west as Guilderland... turns out it was as far north as freaking Ontario and west to Detroit and east to Boston and south to wherever...

But the beverage store around the corner from work had power. Oh yes it did. So did the traffic light just outside it.


Oh, and if anyone knows where I put my little propane canisters, wouldja let me know? I take pride in being prepared for emergencies, and went nuts trying to find those darned things. Thanks!

Now, to move things from the cooler back to the fridge...
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