July 28th, 2003


The scorecard

The play:
...is over.
...had pathetically small houses.
...was really very good.
...gets its set struck tomorrow.

...is still fucking amazing.
...is so perceptive it's scary.
...lives too far away, and it makes my heart ache.
...wants to move in already.
...is going through a really hard time, what with his child being abducted and all.

...still hasn't turned up, though his mother did phone the police to say they're OK.
...is undoubtedly better off for all the kind thoughts sent his way. Thank you so much.

...is a scoundrel, methinks.
...kept me in tears all Saturday night while I watched him flirt with a mutual friend.
...will be a good friend again eventually, I hope.

...is exhausting, as usual.

...gave me an unexpected costume change Thursday and had me seducing a pirate playing an ass, in his girlfriend's lingerie.
...can't seem to decide whether I should be laughing or crying.
...are really very good.

...is fat.
...is happy.
...is outside.
...needs to visit the vet for shots and such.

I am a great many things.
I have officially quit smoking for a month already. How the time flies.
I am regularly blindsided by feelings for the pirate. How stupid is that?
I am very blessed to have such a wonderful bf who regularly reads my mind, and whom I can tell anything.
I am in awe of the beanie bears K bought and costumed for each member of the cast. The details she thought up are amazing. She bought me an angel bear, and outfitted it in a tutu and tiara :) I love that woman.
I am not sleeping or eating much, but don't seem too much the worse for it.
I am being very strong and calm for my Poet, as he continues to win my heart.
I am able to have a life again, now that they play is over.
I am still unsure as to the results of my last repeat pap, taken over three weeks ago.
I am tired of listening to this song over and over. Maybe.
I am going to Toronto this coming weekend.
I am $1k richer, thanks to my aunt.
I am missing Michele. And Paul. And Zack. And the Pirate. And everyone in the play. My house is very empty.
I am nearly overwhelmed with all the thoughts and emotions that have poured through this frail vessel in recent days and weeks.
I am hoping all my friends in LJ land are doing well; I should be back soonishly.
I am going to bed.
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