July 9th, 2003

rubbah and horns

more random tidbits

Haven't smoked in a week anna half. Won't smoke ever again.

Sweetie's flying home with Amber. I didn't ground the plane this time ;)

I just bought a leotard that's very flattering!

I wanted to buy another (one in black velvet with silver daisies) so I could compare the two beneath the stage lights, but the store's return policy is suckadelic.

I really really really want to see Pirates of the Carribean. I'm guessing I'll see it alone. :(

I just had a turkey sammich!!!!!!!

I'm stupidly considering buying a pinball game-- it has pirates and stuff.

My bed broke. It's been fixed.

I went to karaoke last night. We played pool and laughed and danced and sang. Janet and Kris sang "Suddenly Seymore" for Paul and me.

Earlier, he had pulled me aside and stared deeply into my eyes. "You don't realize what you're in for, do you?" Hrm? "You just don't realize what you're in for." He smiled, eyes still locked with mine. "You've gotten involved with this guy who has made it his life's goal to make you as happy as you could possibly be. Whatever will you do?"

My life has gone from sit-com to serial tragi-comedy to harlequin romance. Except there's less breast-heaving and more funny stuff. I likes the funny stuff.

I need to refocus on the play and get more sleep.

Is it naptime yet?
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