July 3rd, 2003


Pfft. Enough about all this lovey dovey shit. Let's talk about gynecology and stuff.

So I went for my repeat pap this morning. For those of you who live under a rock, a pap smear is a...

-- many hours later --

Oh, hell. This entire entry got sideswiped by Life.


Front muffler pipe on car needs replacement. Local place wanted $260. I remembered that it wasn't too long ago that I got the muffler replaced... so I went searching through my LJ. Yup, not long ago at all. So then I went to call my "regular" mechanic to find out whether he had replaced that pipe, only to find that I couldn't remember the shop's name. I had to read every name under automobile repairing in the yellowpages, down through the Qs. Eek.

Finally found him and gave him a call. He hadn't replaced that pipe, but only wanted half as much as the local place. So I stole the Office Administrator away and dropped off my car at the regular guy's place.

Management has its Privileges.

A geek is born

Then the computer crimes guy came in. Except he wasn't the computer crimes guy, just the state police guy. He was entirely too cute. I dazzled him with my computer prowess and got him good and paranoid about his own computer system. Teehee. He's gonna go home and try to figure out what all his running processes are ;) A geek is born.

Every sperm is sacred

So I never got to write about my pap smear. Too bad, huh? I'm in for a biopsy if this one comes back abnormal. Got my regular Nurse Practitioner-- she said "yeeha!" to which I responded "giddyap!" when it was time to climb into the stirrups. She forgot to ask me about whether I'd quit smoking (I reminded her-- it was necessary to get a new script), and also forgot to do a breast exam to check out that lump (unfortunately, I forgot, too, but it doesn't seem any bigger, and I'm not too worried about it right now).

The right-to-lifers nearly got me killed while I was trying to merge into traffic (it's ok to kill me in the effort to stop killing babies, right?).

SHE: Take one of these flyers! And don't ever come back!
ME: No flyer, thanks. But I will come back. I like Planned Parenthood and think they provide a valuable service to the community.
SHE: By doing what?! KILLING BABIES?
ME: No, by providing affordable health care to people who otherwise might not get it.
SHE: There are plenty of places you can go to that DON'T KILL BABIES! LOOK AT THIS FLYER!
ME: Wow. That's really gross. However, I'm not certain that I agree with your belief about the about the aborting of a first trimester pregnancy being murder.
SHE: I was me and you were you at the moment of conception!
ME: See, that's the part I'm not sure I agree with.
SHE: What's not to agree with? It's life! Fifty chromosomes!
ME: I'm not sure how that supports your argument, but I really gotta go-- hope you have a great day, though!
SHE: Hey, thanks! You, too! *waves*

I'm sorry that we disagree about what consitutes a human life, but I stand by my belief that... hold on a second. Did she say fifty chromosomes?

No wonder they were aborting.

OK, that was rude. But it was kind of funny. Unless you're touchy 'bout stuff like that. In which case, please to forgive.

Mr. McFeely's Special Delivery

In less than a mere 22 hours there will be a special delivery awaiting pickup at the airport. I'm excited. And panicky-- the house is a mess, and I currently have no car! Hm. I wonder if he'd be willing to help with the breast exam.


I'm very excited and more than a little scared. Hold me?

...thus to make poor females mad
I was with Hercules and Cadmus once when in a something of something they bayed the bear with hounds of Sparta. Never have I heard such gallant chiding, for beside the groves, the skies, the fountains and the something something were all one mutual cry. I never heard such musical discord, such sweet thunder.

Yeah, we're adding that back in. I'm glad, because I think it's a beautiful piece, and one of Hippolyta's biggest points of interest. It's simple enough; I'll have it down rote by Sunday, which is our all-day tech rehearsal. Hoping I can have all of the extra lines (and CUES) I got in Act V down pat by then as well. And please, oh please, let me remember all the blocking we changed on Tuesday night. Usually, I have a good memory for that kind of stuff. But Tuesday was rough.

So that's Life.

I won't be on much, if at all, the next few days... hope your weekend is spectacular :D
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Woohoo! M closed on her house!!

I'm a gonna take her out for dinner, to celebrate her being a poor homeowner ;D
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