June 11th, 2003

when I


I have this thing with birthdays. We just don't get along. I always end up crying for some reason.

It's not the age thing-- heck, I'm only six, and don't plan on growing-up anytime soon. It's just that they're sad. And lonely somehow.

Well, this year, I decided to throw a party for myself, goshdarnit. However, despite my good intentions, I've been getting a little anxious-- the party's in two days, my living room's covered in spackle, I haven't finished calling everyone, nothing's decorated, and I'm totally unprepared for anything even resembling a party.

Oh, no. It's The Return of The Bad Birthday! [ominous chord]

But wait-- no! It's not even my birthday yet, and already it's better than last year's.

Office got me a card1, a cake2 and supermarket sushi.3

We ate the cake first :D (Life's short, you know?)

That guy sent a card that made me laugh, and a book that made me think.4

Bossman gave me a checkarooni for $1185

And my new CF card for my PDA came in today, even though I only ordered it Saturday!

Yup, it's a good Verynearlybirthday :)

So, even if nobody shows up to my party, the beer explodes and cops drag me off, I won't complain ;)

And-- wheee! Look what just popped into my inbox! :D

1 "You shine like a star in your own special way and add a beautiful light to this world," and everybody wrote something wonderful. And it's a pop-up card, how cool is that?!
2 Brownie cake with whipped cream, actually-- mmmmmmm
3 I thought I was coming in Friday for lunch, but, uhm, maybe not!
4 If I don't marry him, I think the rest of my office will.
5 I'm guessing it's $100 + Chai, bless his heart :)
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