May 24th, 2003


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It wasn't Rich, it was Paul!

I recognized him immediately, though I didn't remember his name, or any specific interaction with him. He didn't remember me at all.

me: I was blonde then-- either short bleached blonde, or natural sandy blonde to my shoulders. You probably knew me as [xso's] girlfriend.
him: Nope, sorry, can't place you.
M: She was blonde, and attached to [xso]. We all ran in the same circles, so I know you knew each other.
him: Nope, no clue.
2 hours later
him: Oh my God! You were blonde! And you were not a separate entity!

The rest of us got a kick out of watching the recognition visibly pass across his face :)

We talked most of the night. It's almost creepy how much we have in common now.

In common: He's a marketing manager, a reference freak, loves Shakespeare and theatre, likes to write and reads several books at once.
Not in common: He lives in Florida and has a 13 year-old (adopted step) son who is the centre of his life (as it should be).

We're going on a date tonight. Yikes! I don't get this dating stuff. But it is my understanding that we're supposed to dress up and go eat something and be awkward.

I think I can do that, though I do believe this marks the first time in my life I've ever gone out on a date that hasn't involved a friendship, so I'm not sure how well I'll handle the awkward part of it, since I've never been exposed to it before.

Have I forgotten my pirate? Heck no. But it hardly makes sense to give up the sea simply because one's captain is reluctant to leave his safe and uncomfortable port.

Anywho, I had all of two drinks last night, and have nursed a hangover all day. So much for stripping my sills :P

And out of the 27,496 items of clothing I own, all of 0 are appropriate for a date. Surprisingly, I don't look half bad in Michele's clothes, even though we're not even close to the same size.

I'm still behind on comments, and way behind on reading. I likely won't ever catch up with the latter, though I hope to get back to the former in the morning :)
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