May 12th, 2003


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When I'm under too much stress, my vision starts to blur and I get very curt with people.

I can barely see today. :(

Poo. I'd rather be Randy than Curt! Ah, well. Perhaps a brain dump will help :)


I finally bought a couch Saturday. It's smooshy and comfy and purple, and will be delivered tomorrow. Afaik, it is not carnivorous.

I've been shopping for a couch for months now. I hadn't even intented to buy one Saturday-- I just stopped in to the furniture store on my way elsewhere to complain that I'd missed the one big "friends & family" sale they have each year because they sent the notification to my old address (again).

The one I bought was nothing like the others I'd considered at one time or another (or another or another). I nearly gave my sales rep a heart attack. He almost didn't sell it to me because he thought I was feverish. He was sure I'd have bought the leather one I'd been drooling over these past three months. I was surprised, too.


After I left the the furniture store, a swarthy pirate in a cherry picker watched me drive around the parking lot by Target and Lowes. And watched and watched. And waved and smiled as I drove back towards the furniture store. I wonder who he was, and why he was so entranced by the messy-haired girl in old clothes and no makeup. Should I have stopped and said something witty? How would one initiate a conversation with a pirate in a cherry picker who's a workin' on a Sunday?


I'm so far behind on things. Insanely-busy work things I seem to be keeping up with. Sorta. Home things are another matter, though. Got the yard only half-mowed yesterday before the rains hit. Got a number of dandelions up, but thousands more await. Did laundry, but there's more to be done. Bought everything for washing the windows, but didn't even begin that project. Didn't get to food shopping at all. Still haven't gotten that email problem fixed (hoping maybe we'll both have some time to chat sometime this week, monkey!). Finally got to Lowes, but didn't use my nummy gift card from themouse and her mama (the store finally opened-- it's nice, too!). Haven't gotten to bed bath and beyond to use horseofshadows' nice housewarming gift either. Haven't gotten that CD out in the mail (forgive me, beatnikside). Haven't sent money to the insanely-talented mattcallow. Haven't gotten a hold of mauracelt. Haven't called my aunt. Haven't responded to all the kind comments left on my scaryhighschoolphoto post. Haven't finalized travel plans with alcestis and neenerface. Haven't paid my bills. Haven't tuned up my car. Have hardly been able to think...

If I listed all the things I haven't done that I've wanted to do, I'd be here all day, adding to the list all the time. I should stop now, while I still can.

Forgive me my friends, for I am a busyass doofus. I haven't forgotten.

Perhaps if I did, my vision would be a little better.

Wife applications are still being accepted at the front desk. Thank you.


Improv Saturday seemed to go well, though we had too small of an audience.

I sucked... Ishouldn't have to rely on an upside down camel to save my arse.

Ah, well.


I write a lot when I'm blurry and curt, don't I.

Back to the grind. To, uhm, write more.

I would like a nap, please. And when I wake up, I'd like to be all caught up with everything.

Thank you.
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scroll by the cryptic post

So very tired. But nope-- not gonna cry.

It's not about me. That known (even if not fully accepted), I have to wonder: how much is or ever was?

Still sucks to not rate, though.

I'm off to cryptically caulk my tub and get the rest of my non-slackin' ass off-book.

A nap would probably do me a world o' good. Perhaps I should do that instead.

I think I'll eat this here chocolate and hang out with M for a wee bit. She had a very nice day. Hooray!

Maybe I can have a nice evening by osmosis :)
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