May 7th, 2003

rubbah and horns

Busy brain dump

James Joyce's dirty letters erotic epistles (via rhiannonstone)
I've no idea if these letters are really penned by Joyce, but dayam. I wouldn't be surprised. I know for a fact that randy writers are a naughty lot. *whistles*

Transit of Mercury (via /.)
Mercury crossed the sun today! Too bad slashdot reported on it after it happened. Still, the geek in me goes "squeeee!"

According to scottobear, they're having a piratey quest in
Follow the sea trail of a sailor looking for lost treasure and more! Quest runs Wed. - Sunday. Bux prizes for completers.
I love quests. And a piratey quest? *swooon* I've a zillion things to do, but I may have to make time for this. I've a feeling I'll be in good company, too :)
If you're interested in beta-testing There, drop me a line. I can submit your email addy for faster approval.

Dropping-in rehearsal last night was productive, I think. It's an intensely personal experience; at least I find it to be. Truth hits harder than fiction, and there's a scary amount of truth in this piece. Even more interesting than exploring text is observing the other person's reaction. I have an exceptionally good poker face, but even my ears and cheeks were bright red for a good two hours afterward. And yes, I do. Yes, that was a nonsequitur, but strongly related. If you don't know what it means, don't worry about it :)

People will complain if you have sex on Western Avenue at night. Did you know that? See, I didn't know that. Mind you, I wasn't actually having sex on Western Avenue, but someone was complaining anyway. Go figure! According to the helpful bystander, I should be doin' that shit in my bedroom. Damn straight I should. Thank you helpful bystander!

Went to karaoke last night. Amanda, Ryan and I had a private karaoke party for an hour :) Then twenty people showed up, all at once.
Sang: material girl, different drum, I'm just a girl, proud mary, chrome plated heart, big yellow taxi, and dirty deeds (done dirt cheap).
I should sing more often. I'm certainly not great, but I'm not half bad. And it's a good excuse to practice breath and projection techniques, while tippin' a few back with me mates :)

My webmail is down. Problems with the upstream server. Tempted to pay the $30 to get professional webmail for both my accounts-- professional email is still up. It's back up already :)

Jersey trip appears to be a go :D While it would be best for me to be at rehearsal on 18th (Sundays are the day we do status and group work, and I think they're especially important to attend for that reason), it won't be the end of the world if I don't make it. So, yay and stuff! I'm so excited to see my faraway friends! I wonder where I put my sparkplug remover doohickey... I should really give the old girl a tune-up and an oil change before heading down.

I'm swamped with work today. Hence the wordy post :)
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