May 1st, 2003



Harrumph. Still having email problems.

It's intermittent, and mostly seems to affect outgoing mail. Blue bar that shows mail being sent gets about 90% of the way, and then I usually get a 10053 error message (connection aborted due to timeout or other failure).

Stuff I've done (in no particular order):
Changed mail server name to IP address
Changed SMTP port assignment from 250, to 25000, to 2500 (because I'm using a non-ISP email account)
Removed zonealarm, smartguardian and other memory hogs
Cleared out inbox and outbox
Increased network open timeout, network timeout and buffer size
Fiddled with SSL settings
Deleted ini and started afresh
Applied netgear wireless router firmware update
Updated Eudora to v 5.2

It appears as though this problem is not repeatable on the laptop (which uses the same ini file for Eudora). However, since this is an intermittent problem, that's neither here nor there.


What could it be? Anybody?
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This Vampires game is a hoot!

At first I thought it was one of those memes where people tried to see how many people they could dupe into clicking the link. But this is actually a game.

Click here, follow the instructions, and read the FAQ :)

You'll probably want a pop-up blocker for the ads. If you don't already have one, a decent one can be found here .

To get you started, here is a list of pub locations which I filched from jadyte's journal

ADDENDUM: Pub locations were incomplete; have updated and alphabetized.

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