April 25th, 2003


Am I blue?

For reasons I've never bothered to elaborate upon, I equate coffee with love on some levels.

Last summer, I got to have coffee with a beautiful Blue Girl.

Love, indeed :)


billijean is, too, my lovah,
More than a girl who tells me I should have fun
And Jordan's not my son!
Eeehhheeeeee! *michaeljacksoncrotchgrab*

Wishing you satisfying resolutions on all fronts, abounding creativity, and beanbag chairs and handlebars forever :)

I will see you in August. And try to phone tomorrow if your brother will give me a fershluggin' cell phone number! *hinthint*
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Today is soooo busy that I'm posting a lot again.

I'm wearing a green embroidered corset-like top, cardigan sweater, and $200* pants.

And my cleavage is scaring me.

Eek! Breastesses!

Run away!

* Of course I didn't buy them for $200. The bargain-hunter in me couldn't possibly rationalize that, even if I could afford such a thing.
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    And yet, I am still professional and collected. *SNORK*

Insert poutyface here.

Well, poo. Dinner's cancelled. Show's still on, but I'm on my own for food.

Damn. I hate last-minute cancellations*. Especially when it's a pattern. :(

Hrm. Well, I've busted ass to have everything set so that I could leave work by 5:15 and not have to stop home (grumble)... so I could go home, get changed, do a few things around the house and be bummed and foodless... or I can not let this faze me and carry on.

I vote for nonfazingness!

Perhaps I'll go eat Mexican food by myself :)

Yes, I think that's a grand idea. Heck, with a margarita, it could be a Grande idea!

I shall drink a birthday toast to bebe_mariana, who should be here by now, and to her beautiful parents ly and Cris!

I shall drink another birthday toast to billijean Lesbian Queen of Canada and Birthday Girl Extraordinaire! (She makes me want to go bi dual-national!)

I shall drink a third toast to all the people staring at the chicka who's making wacky toasts all by herself! (Hey, maybe they'll join in!) ;)

So, who's up for Mexican? I'm quite a pleasant dinner date-- I can keep up my end of the conversation, don't talk too loudly (except for the toasting), don't slurp my soup, have a great sense of humour, and try really hard not to get spinach stuck between my teeth. I even insist on going Dutch! And I've got accidental cleavage! And I smell good! Honest!

Anyone? ...Bueller?

Pfft. To heck with y'all. I'll go by myself ;)

* My mom always used to cancel plans at the last minute when I was a kid. I learned early on not to get my hopes up about things... not that this knowledge stopped me from actually doing so. Wise people say we usually end up dating our mother or our father, and perhaps that's true.
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    ...but's it's nothing a margarita or three couldn't fix ;)