April 21st, 2003

rubbah and horns

of random thoughts and spiders

I dreamt of jumping spiders. They were screaming, and trying to bite me. They were in pain because they needed to fill their sacs with human flesh.

I was screaming, too.

Didn't stop me from trying to catch them, though.


Random thoughts:

My brain always parses the word "meme" as "me, me!"

I wish I had made it to fantasm (link is not at all worksafe). I keep feeling like I was supposed to be there. Weird, I know. Next year.

I did nothing special washed and vaccuumed and windexed and black magic'd and tire magic'd my car to celebrate Easter. And yet, it is not raining today.

Need to figure out camplj plans. And dragoncon plans. And toronto plans. And camping plans.

I'm quite enjoying life in There now that my bigger li'l bro scottobear is about :) He's a magnet for Wacky, Nice and Interesting People, and an awesome tour guide.

I bought one of those automagic paint roller thingies. It should come in this week. Watch out, walls, I'm comin' to getcha.

I want to buy a couch. I am in love with a leather one. I'm afraid it's an impossible love. I love you, couch. Don't think I've forgotten about you.

I had to go back 200 entries this morning just to get back to where I left off yesterday afternoon. Yeee!

Upset with tigerdirect.com-- they told me my laptop came with the IBM three-month support and warranty, but it's really just a three month warranty from IBM financing. I went in circles with the three companies. Tried to get a mgr at Tigerdirect, but they gave me voice mail instead. I'm going to bitch about this one. Hope I don't get so fed-up that I send it back-- I've finally got everything set-up and networked the way I like it! D'oh! I may just abstain from buying from them again.

I am tired. Tonight, we rehearse Midsummer. Damned if I can remember whether I'm supposed to be there. I'll have to either check the schedule when I get home, or just show up at rehearsal.

I am still ever longingly a pirate lass. Arrr.
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Well, I tried to make it Monday, but I got so damned depressed

It's a sad, rainy evening in Schenectady.

Remember what I said in my last post about having washed my car and yet there was no rain?

Well, yeah.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

No rehearsal 'til 05/04.

I miss... no. I said I wouldn't harass any further, and so I shan't. It rather sucks that my next rehearsal will be in uncomfortable environs, but there's little that can be done about that. I do wish I understood the logic behind hot and cold running pirates, though.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I had no webmail at work. Seems to work OK now, though. Popmail is still giving me the outgoing mail blues... I'm hoping that something I just did fixed it. The note I just sent to my old AOL account seemed to go OK, in any case.

Speaking of my old AOL account, work is finally axing it. So I'll be creating a new screenname. I will miss LdySaphyre.

Poll #126601 A Ldy by any other name.

What should LdySaphyre's new screen name be?

Keep in mind that ALL the good names are taken. Even Silvansong and SaltyLass are gone. Woe is me. (Nevermind, that's taken, too!) ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm melancholy, but it'll pass. It's actually a good mood for a day like today.

In fact, M just walked in, and asked to look at Edward Gorey stuff. I guess some days are just good for dark broodingness :)

And the sky is blue, with dark ominous clouds. Very beautiful, I think. Very beautiful, indeed.

And another email just went out successfully! If I've finally got this email thing fixed, there are sunnier days ahead, for certain :)
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