April 10th, 2003

rubbah and horns

You guys rock.

Yesterday was such a relief. I slept well.

Woke up today to a sinus infection and the worst case of hives ever.* Came to work anyway.

I'll spare you the details... but I'm going to keep track of this thing in private entries. I think the answer to this may be found in alpha waves, the hypothalamus, L-theanine and vitamins C and B. And, of course, limiting my stress levels (hahahahaha-- no, really).

Busy here at work... I'll try to catch up on comments later, if I can.

'til then... thanks for all the love :)

* I seem to get this combo once or twice a year. In fact, it was a particularly nasty case of this which precipitated the trip to the hemotologist a few years ago. It no longer incapacitates me, but I'd like to find out what causes it and cure it, once and for all. Stress is the trigger, but where lies the smoking gun?
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