April 9th, 2003


Me myself and who?

I am not myself today.

Where did I go to? Who took my place? I'm not having much luck figuring these things out.

I, of course, being someone else entirely, am not being cooperative in this endeavor.

If you should see me, please let me know that I'm looking for me. Thanks.

I'm sure I'll have all sorts of interesting excuses for myself when I finally turn up.
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    oh where oh where did my little self go, oh where oh where can I be?

One lump, or two?

I was going to write about my vacation. If I don't write about things at the time they occur, they slip on by. See my nonexistent Siggraph and Dragoncon entries if you don't believe me.

But tonight, I'm compelled to write about a subject that's close to my heart.

Specifically, my breasts.

There are few things that can strike fear into the heart of thirty-something woman like hearing the phrase "oh, dear... what is this lump?!" uttered while one is being felt-up by a woman in a lab-coat at a gynecologist's office.

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    the simpsons - see my vest