April 4th, 2003


Without my computer, I've been eating and sleeping

I. am. on. this. old. computer. with. a. slow. dial. up. connection.

It. should. come. as. no. surprise. that. of. the. 2000. +*. entries. that. have. gone. by. on. my. friends. page. since. Saturday. I. have. read. maybe.





But. those. times. are. few. and. far. between. and. are. usually. spent. addressing. issues. with. my. thinkpad. and. looking. at. pretty. lights.** and. drinking. and. eating. things.

The. rest. of. the. time. I. am. cursing. because. it. takes. half. an. hour. to. check. my. bloody. mail.

Please. desist. from. any. major. news. until. my. return. next. week. No. babies. No. weddings. No. lottery. winning. etc.

T. h. a. n. k. s.


In other news, my plans for east-coasting it are caught in some sort of whirlwind. newbabel is heading out of town. scottobear has technical difficulties beyond his control. grrwoo is working. Considering the fact that my father is freaked at my traveling alone to meet internet friends overnight (I may be pushing 35, but I'll always be his little girl), and the Fates are conspiring against my actually meeting them, my current plan is to head to Fort Lauderdale Saturday morning. I have tentative plans for lunch (at least) with sb, and early dindin with Pengy... If anyone else is around and would like some ldy company for a little while, drop me a line :)

newbabel, I'll see you at Dragoncon. However, I expect delayed huggage to accrue considerable interest. Be prepared to pay! Hope you're enjoying your weekend away :)

It's funny. You'd think I'd be miffed at this crazy change of plans. But I'm really really not. I'm more giggly than anything else. Everything happens for a reason. And I get to see the 'rents and horseofshadows for another day, and save a little money on the car rental. It's all good :)

OK. I'm shutting this thing down before. I. smash. it. in. slow. motion.

Hope you all are well and happy. If I hit the T1 tomorrow, I'll try to have a more meaningful update. If not, I'll see you early next week.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough :)

* I just did the math in my brain. It boggles my mind. How did I ever keep up with this? Oh. yeah. I. read. quickly. and. have. a. fast. computer. and. d. s. l. (AAAGHGHGHGH!, this is so frustrating!) It's probably healthy for me to take a break. In fact, I know it is. I do miss you folks, though.

** Seriously, he's got an awesome set of Martin*** MX-4s that just kick ASS. And a ~13000 song music collection. If you're in Florida, and are ever in need of a DJ, do get in touch with him. He has a tux, will travel, charges rather less than he should (imo) and only bites people when it is appropriate to do so.

*** Random odd crosswiring in my brain: I always think of MenT and the L8 crew whenever I see the name "Martin."
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