March 27th, 2003


They love! They share! They love and love and share! Love love love! Share share share!

There is duality in everything. Male/female, day/night, on/off, sickness/health-- it is our nature to think in twos rather than threes; namely because those are the patterns that are most prevalent. Two may be as lonely as one, but it's still a magic number.

Duality can be difficult to understand at times, though. I'm dealing with this now on several different levels, but here I will talk about my health. That which is seen as a symptom of disease is more than not an indication of health, of one's ability to fight disease. (Of course, if one's immune system and emotional health were really strong, one would not succumb to illness in the first place.) So suppressing symptoms is often completely counterproductive to healing.

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