March 25th, 2003

rubbah and horns

Today is an irrational day.

Ever had one of those days where you feel completely and utterly alone and life seems absolutely pointless?

Usually just being is enough point for me. But today... Nope, I'm just not getting it.

It's an anything can happen day.

It's a birds are singing, grass is growing, tears are welling day.

Today is an irrational day.

Not everybody likes pi, y'know.
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    Where's the point? After the three and before the one?
rubbah and horns

teehee, thinkpad update :)

The good news: I now have wireless internet access from my notebook! :D

The bad news: Only internet access; my network config skills SUX0R! :P

But I'll get this figured out yet :)

I just need more wine.