March 19th, 2003

rubbah and horns

Phoney balogna

First off, a big wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY to nbbmom! Woohoo!

Now, to explore the idiocy that is Ldy's mind.

So, I'd planned on being online last night. There were a lot of things I needed to catch up on.

Suddenly, my browser started spazzing. I couldn't connect to anything.

I geeked-out on the problem for awhile. Went through all the standard troubleshooting steps: hard-booting, purging browser cache, etc.
  • Pinging: worked for the most part.

  • Verizon software: said all was good.

  • Mail: seemed to be communicating with the server.

  • Modem: cycled back up, all the pretty blinkenlights were blinkening.

  • Netstat: showed established connections.

  • Ipconfig: looked fine, though the subnet mask looked wrong, and I could neither /release nor /renew.

"Aha," said I, "it appears to be a problem with the subnet mask!"

Mind you, I'd been wrestling with this problem for hours.

So, feeling secure in my ubergeekocity, I picked up the phone to call Verizon...

...and got no dial-tone.

My phone had been dead (or close to it) the entire time.

I am an idiot.

But wait-- this gets better-- this is the second time I've gone through this very same procedure.

[insert forehead slap here]

Note to self: When web access is dead in the water, pick up the damned phone.

Three times to learn the lesson, they say. Let's see if I can do it in two this time ;)

Anywho, long story short: if you emailed me last night, I didn't get it. Mail seems to have fetched, lost connection, and devoured.

I hope it was tasty.

To the karaoke bar, Robin!

I was so frustrated with this turn of events that I went to karaoke (despite not feeling too great) at 10pm (which should be my bedtime, not my goingout time). I used a friend's phone there to call Verizon.

I went through the entire automated repair system. Fifteen minutes of button-pushing. The synthesized voice informed me that yes, there was a problem, and a problem report was being prepared. Where could I be rea... *STATIC*

So I ran outside. "We REALLY need to know where we can reach you!" Who knew automation could be so emotional?

So I put in my work number.

Evidently, my work number wasn't to their liking, because I was informed I'd be transfered to a live representative.

"We're sorry, all lines are busy... please call back and use our automated phone system! Thank you!"


I didn't call back.

Making the best of a bad situation

I stayed out too late. Shame on me. But I saw a lot of friends, and caught up on some stuff.

I sang Material Girl (first time-- sang it well, too!), It's Raining Men (w/ Am and Jo-- I sang REALLY BADLY), and Dirty Deeds (rocked the house, yo). Even with my voice being shot, I did pretty well; and singing is such a wonderful catharsis.

Hung out with Joanna, Amanda, Kris A, and DM Jack. I see those folks too rarely. So glad I stopped in.

Turns out, Joanna will be playing the murder mystery role that I cannot, which is very cool. And funny, in a way. She'll do great.

We are sick, we are sick, we are sick sick sick

My glands were like large angry marbles this morning, and my sinuses were filled with wet cement-- I'm thinking now that perhaps the new script didn't give me flu-like symptoms yesterday... it was probably a bug (maybe even, get this, a flu bug).

Further proof that the simplest solution is usually the correct one ;) (Oh, like I needed further proof!)

So, I went to call-in late to work.

And of course the phone was dead :P


So I sucked it up and just went to work. I've been loading up on Olive Leaf and Colostrum, and am feeling quite a bit better already.

Stupid, but better.

Now I'm off to pick up a birthday cake for a coworker :)

How YOU doin'?
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Darn you and your Gold Box™-- darn you to Heck!

Had to get the steam cleaner. How did you know I wanted one? I deliberately didn't look at anything even resembling a steam cleaner in the hopes you might not offer me one at a discount. My housemate will now (mistakenly) think I've developed an interest in housekeeping, and may even begin to expect me to pick-up after myself. Oh, the humanity!

Well, now that I've got a steam cleaner, I might as well pick up a couple CDs. Hey, this would be a great time to get the router and PC card, too...

More! More! I must have more!

Here! Take my wallet and beat me with it!

I am at your mercy, Evil Corporate Entity, Sir!

Harder! Yes! Make me buy again!

Thank you!

Your most ob't servant,

PS - May I have another Gold Box item now please?
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