March 2nd, 2003


Especially sneaky virus alert* for Windows users

There's a new worm going around that's especially devious.

It replies to an email you sent with your text quoted, and:
"I'll try to reply as soon as possible. Take a look to the attachment and send me your opinion!"

Of course, the attachment will steal your passwords and send itself on to its next unsuspecting victims (assuming you're using a MAPI compliant email client like Outlook or Eudora).

Folks, if anyone sends you an executable program, it's always a good idea to check back with the sender before opening it. There is rarely any good reason to send an executable file.

Thanks to scottobear for the heads-up!

* Please note: Despite my badly-constructed subject, it's the virus that's sneaky here, not the alert itself. Though the alert does contain a mischievous footnote, so maybe it is kinda sneaky.

In other news, I've just accepted a murder mystery gig, so I'm going to be more or less offline for the next week and a half. I won't be able to keep up here at all (how I manage it in an average week is beyond me, really).

And I met Tony Trischka today. In passing. He was coming in to do a banjo workshop at Cafe Lena as we were finishing up rehearsal.

Tomorrow is Lysistrata :)
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