February 26th, 2003


Holy smokes!

I just bought a laptop!

I've been looking for awhile. I was impressed by the Dell Inspiron series-- particularly its recommendation from other people here and its sexy 15" screen-- but didn't find the prospect of lugging an eight-pound laptop through airports appealing. So I started looking at somewhat lighter notebooks-- something around five pounds, with a 14.1" screen (for movies on the plane :D).

To make a long story short, I narrowed my choices down to the IBM Thinkpad T series.

My lofty goal: get a good one for under a grand, before I go to Florida.

The T30 is gorgeous-- and completely out of my league. The T23 is more than I want to spend... so I've been looking for a Pentium III T20, T21 or T22. I've scrolled through pricewatch and pricegrabber. I've scoured ebay and half.com.

And then I found it. And it was better than I'd hoped.

My very own Thinkpad T23 for under a grand.

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Frankly, I'd rather buy IBM factory-recertified w/ 3-months parts/labor than a used item with a year or more left on the original warranty. Heck, I'd have been happy with refurbished.

This is the best price I've seen. The only thing that even came close was the newT23 w/ P3 1GHz and 20 Gig HDD for $1200 (with IBM's original 3-YEAR warranty intact)... but I'd never heard of the company before, and I got a bad feeling about it.

This was the last one the company had in stock... so there exists the chance that somebody snagged it before me. I'll know after 5pm. If that's the case, I'll either suckitup and pay the extra $200 for the new one, or keep scouring ebay and resellers for another (preferably with more ram, and maybe the dvd/cdrw combo).

In any case, I'll have one soon. Probably this one :D

Wow. First I got a microwave, then a PDA, now a laptop.

Someday I will get cable and officially join the 21st century ;)
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Hee. Looks like I got the laptop :) It should be here by next week.

And now they are offering the 1 GHz, 20 GB HDD version for the same price as my 1.1 GHz, 30 GB one.


In other news, I'm currently wondering if nethack 3.4.1 will run on my BE-300. Like I don't have enough to do. *snort!*

Got my amazing mirror yesterday. It's amazing. No, really. Remind me and I'll show you.

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