February 6th, 2003


Poop! Or maybe not.

I had a real, honest-to-goodness dinnerannamovie date set up for this evening. With that guy I've sorta been seeing, whom I haven't been talking about here for whatever reason.

Or maybe not... he just bailed. :(

Which means I'll probably be guilted into going to a benefit* tonight.

Or maybe not.

I'm wearing my awesome purple shirt, and it is demanding recompense. Perhaps I'll just pop out for a drink by my lonesome.

Or maybe not.

* Old drug-dealing friend from way-back-when got caught doing something or other and needs money for a lawyer. So there are going to be a couple of bands, and a lot of people wasted out of their gourds. I don't really want to go, even though I'm sure I'd see some old friends there. I barely know the guy anymore; haven't seen him in years... and I think he's made a LOT of bad decisions along the way. But M plans on going, so we'll see.
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