January 27th, 2003


03/03/03, A Theatrical Act of Dissent

The First-Ever World-Wide Theatre Event for Peace

On 03/03/03, theatre groups around the world will be performing staged readings of Apistophane's Lysistrata to protest the war in Iraq.

I'll be among them. Will you?


Readings will be staged all over the world. Discover if it's playing in near you!

It appears that we'll be doing this at, get this, Cafe Lena. Scratch that-- looks like we're definitely doing this at the historic Cafe Lena in Saratoga!

I'm psyched to be taking part of this historical event... and in such a timeless venue, too :D

About The Lysistrata Project
The first-ever world-wide theatrical event for peace is coming to a city near you on Monday, March 3rd, 2003! Theatre artists from around the planet are raising their collective voice against war by producing readings of Lysistrata in order to:
  • Let the Bush Administration know that we oppose their war on Iraq.

  • Provide events where citizens can unite to enjoy an evening of spirited, comedic theatre while raising public awareness about the volume of war opposition.

  • Provide a humorous entree into a healthy community dialogue: What CAN we do on a local level to stop "diplomacy by violence" in our world?

  • Raise money for organizations that work for peace and human rights.

Take Tangible Action!

Join the Lysistrata Project to inspire community action and communication. Produce a reading of Lysistrata in YOUR city.

Giving new meaning to the phrase " THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY."

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