January 20th, 2003


Why is it, the simpler I want things to be, the more cryptic and arcane I get?

I've lost my center. I've gone from being a munchkin to a donut in no time flat.

I've always been eccentric, but I wasn't expecting to get so wobbly so quickly.

But circular reasoning was never my best subject... though "what comes around goes around" seems like a simple enough theory to me.

In less cryptic news, I did a LOT of shopping this weekend. I bought a lot of clothes, most of them purple.

Things I want to do this week:
  • Rehearse for improv

  • Audition new folks

  • Be a little swoony

  • Draw something

  • Jump off a cliff*

  • Clean my room

  • Decide on a paint colour for the bedroom

  • Receive, and install my webcam

  • Decide on a darned domain name

  • Return a skirt I bought nearly a month ago

  • Return the pair of tall black boots I bought yesterday

Oh, and price? I'm digging jadedmedia.net. BIG time :D

A nice cryptic game** to offset my lovely cryptic self ;)

Sweet dreams, LJ.

Hugs to those who want 'em, those who need 'em, and those who don't run away quickly enough.

* I'm not really going to jump off a cliff. It's just a.) a ploy to see if you're paying attention, b) an excuse to bring back Mr. Footnote, and c) my overly-dramatic way of saying that I just like things simple is all.

** What the heck IS that second morse word, anyway?! not rim, not rut, it's.... [cue Sousa's Liberty Bell March here]
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If I give you some java, will you come out of your shell and flash me your source code?

I had all of five hours sleep last night. Actually, probably closer to three or four. What's worse, I did this knowing I'd have a rough day at work today, and a late night at rehearsal (and another rough day at work tomorrow, and a late night at karaoke).


Well, I can't really complain. I'm no spring chicken, but I can handle a night or two of less sleep than I'd like.

I'm wearing my new, already-favouritest purple shirt... I keep looking down at my kb only to be startled by my cleavage (eek! breastessess!)

But I'm wearing pink pearls and my mother's class ring, so I pass the professionality test. Erm, don't I?

Oh, I'm also wearing my oh-so-nerdy glasses, too, so yeah :D

I feel like I ought to be the head librarian in a dirty bookstore for geeks.*


* "And on this shelf, we have: Perl Necklace, I'm Naked, You Wanna C++?, Mountable Partitions, Bound, Chained and Masked, and Not All Chicks Dig Unix."
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