January 15th, 2003


On the webcam...


I am really sorry for your problems. I you return the camera to me I will
ship a replacement at no cost to you. . . making sure it is a v 5.0. as
advertised. With the camera box being sealed, I would have no way of
knowing the contents were damaged and repackaged. This is the first time I
have encountered this problem with one of my customers and I want to make
sure you are pleased with your purchase. I have had a few instances where
the base has been broken in transit, and have replacement bases to ship at
no charge, but the damage you described does sound like the package was

Ship your camera back, I will send a replacement the same day I receive this
damaged unit.


...but isn't shipping is a cost to me? :(

In happier news, my good friend Shadowfax has finally gotten a livejournal: horseofshadows. He hasn't actually written anything thus far, so it's not possible to say hi yet, but maybe he'll write something soon :)

My first IRL friend on LJ*. Neat-o!

* At least, the first who started as an IRL friend-- some of you are IRL friends, but I metcha here :)
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