January 8th, 2003


Embrace your Inner Viking.

Home sick. :( Definitely not Norwalk. But awfully icky nonetheless.

I whipped this out for twofootsmall last night. Her Inner Viking could kick your arse.

But then I realized, we should all embrace our Inner Viking. So I'm sharing.

Jesus Loves the Little Children Your Inner Viking

Jesus calls your Viking "Joe,"
"Come to me and don't be low,
For I love the Inner Vikings of the world;
You come from the land of the ice and snow,
Ne'er to 'that hot place' will you go
For I love the Inner Vikings of the world."

Jesus loves your Inner Viking,
All the Vikings of the world.
Mean and angry, short and sweet,
All are precious, made of meat.
Jesus loves the Vikings of the world.

Jesus is a Viking, too,
And he makes mean Viking stew,
For He loves the Inner Vikings of the world;
He's a Viking great and strong,
And He'll sing you Viking songs,
For He loves the Inner Vikings of the world.


I am coming, Lord, to Thee,
And Your Viking I will be,
For You love the Inner Vikings of the world;
And I'll wear clean underwear,
And non-vikings I shall scare,
For You love the Inner Vikings of the world.


And with that, I'm heading back to bed :)
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    I bet Jesus loves my Inner Pirate, too.

pervy blanket fancier

Damn. Still sick.

And I slept through the ending of an ebay auction for something I particularly fancied. More than I wanted to spend, but I was hot for it. I'm a pervy blanket fancier, I know.

But I did finagle a way to hook up the dvd player, the vcr and the playstation to the TV, and fit everything in the tiny TV stand, all by using an extra piece of cable I found lying around.

We're good until we get cable. Then I'm screwed. :P

Michele and I ate french bread pizza (BAD idea) and watched MIB2.

Now we both feel ill(er), (due more to the former choice than the latter).

Friends of mine are in a stage production of Rocky Horror that goes up this weekend (you may remember my lamenting that I couldn't audition). Looks like I'm going to go see it twice-- once with Fearless Leader this Friday, and again with everybody else the next weekend.

Friday should be very interesting, for a variety of reasons. Very interesting, indeed. I'll explain at another time, should an explanation be warranted.

See me shiver with antici...

...pation. Or is it nerves, apprehension or hormones? Perhaps it's just the fever breaking.

Forgive my posts and comments this week; I really am out of my head with this illness. I can't be expected to make much sense in this state.

Thank you for your kind indulgence :)
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