January 5th, 2003


Two compliments I've received in recent days

The first, from an email someone sent to the guy who runs the theatre where we performed Marley:

We just got home from tonight's performance of the Jacob Marley Christmas Carol. It surprised us how intense and wonderful it was! It was imaginative and creative, funny, and well performed. We must admit, when it opened with a meager set and a few people all dressed in black, we had out doubts. But, as our ten year old said it "rates up there as the best show he has seen yet in life," and he has seen many for his age. He said Lion King on Broadway was just different, but that this was just as good. And we agree! Thanks for a great night out! Sorry we didn't give you a standing ovation, you deserved it! (Kid on lap and coats too stopped us.)
Thanks for bringing this show to Albany.

Wow. Some kid thought we were the best show he ever saw. Better than Lion King. And it wasn't at all a kids' show. That warms my heart :)

And these two lovely pictures from my friend starsailor71

wow! I feel like such a celebrity :)
Click on either photo to see it larger in a new window

Wow. Just... wow. Could I be any more flattered?! Thank you, David :)
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