December 26th, 2002

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I barely slept at all last night.

First off, I stayed up WAY too late. My own fault. I got turned on to this (What if LOTR had been written by...) and couldn't stop laughing :D (thanks, MenT!!)

Once I did get to bed, sleep was too long in coming. I couldn't turn off my brain. I have a lot of little tricks I use to turn off my brain so I can sleep (I used to have terrible problems with this, so I learned ways around it), but even these didn't help. Michele called to say she was OK. Then the phone rang again around midnight. At about one I heard noises downstairs.

When I did finally fall asleep, I slept fitfully, with vivid dreams.

In one, it was in the 80s, and I was Dana Carvey's and Phil Hartman's agent. They were nobodies. Dana had quite an attitude. Linda (from work) was my assistant, and he was all pissed off at her for having made a phone call or something about his insurance and not handling something correctly. I was running around non-stop. Most of the dream took place in this big restaurant, where they had these HUGE pieces of sushi. Near the end of the dream, I figured out how to save Phil Hartman's life. Very bizarre.

Anywho, I woke up very tired, jumped right into my longjohns, and started shoveling.


The foot or so I cleared off yesterday evening weren't nuttin'. Another two feet had fallen.

After a full hour of shoveling, I hadn't even touched the car, so I went inside for a breather. I called the office to say I'd be late, then received four phone calls in rapid succession:
  • April, to say she was leaving (awww!)

  • Irene, the bookkeeper, to say that my boss was at the airport and needed a ride

  • My boss, to say he was at the airport, and was I coming in today (yup, I was)

  • Irene again, to say she was calling Linda

Then I shoveled for another hour. The worst part was having nowhere to actually shovel the snow TO. I realize that was gramatically incorrect. Bear with me.

Michele finally showed up. There was no place to put her car, and she almost didn't make it down the street. So, she parked at the hospital and walked home.

I finally got everything shoveled out enough. By enough, I mean that, with a couple more shovelfuls and a hope and a prayer and twenty-minutes of warming up the car, I should be able to get the car into the street. Nevermind the fact that the street was a mess. So I went back inside.

Two calls on the machine:
  • One from Irene saying that Lester rented a car and was safely back home, and that she was going to his place to work for a bit.

  • One from Lester saying that he had rented a car and was safely back home, and to please call.

So I called them. Seems that Linda tried getting to work, only to be unable to turn onto the street. She tried parking and walking, but the snow "was up to her bottom" (teehee). There's a state of emergency in the city. Lester told me to stay home :P

This, mind you, is an event of some note. I think this is the first time the office has been closed due to snow. You see, one foot of snow and everything closed does not a day off work make. Evidently, though, THREE FEET OF SNOW and a state of emergency does.

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Yeah. Three feet of snow, in a day.

Michele went into work. She had to. The hospital is really hurting today.

I, however, am home. Which means I can make it to rehearsal at four, like the rest of the cast.

So, I'm gonna type out all my lines and entrances and stuff now. And rest my very weary, still rather sick bones... for a bit, at least :)
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