December 23rd, 2002

rubbah and horns

Random stuff from the chick what can't type.

April showers bring May flowers a wee tear to my eye

So, I probably should've gotten up Saturday morning. I didn't realize it would be my ONLY chance to go shopping before Christmas. Or send greeting cards, or take the photos I promised robont.

Miss April is leaving us the day after Christmas, to move to California for her two-year stint as payback for scholarship money. So the time I'd planned to go shopping/send cards/take photos, I spent with her (and other loving friends) instead.

Saturday night, we did sushi with Chris (I had rock 'n roll and sashimi-- white tuna, tuna and outtathisworld salmon), then martinis at Alibi's (mmmm-- chocolatinis!), then rock 'n bowl 'til the wee hours.

Sunday was dinner at Garcia's with Michele, Ken, Rachel, Mike, and Bruce.

I regret it not a whit. I will miss April greatly when she's gone, and welcome the opportunity to spend a little more time with her now, while I still can. :)

I'm up shit's creek, but oh, well. Best I can do is make my choices with open eyes and an open heart, and without regret.

I wear the chains I forged in life, Mr. Marley. Is their pattern strange to me?

Rehearsals are really getting into gear.

Hmm. I'm the only one off-book. Sakes alive!

Second act is so rough that most wouldn't leave the security of their scripts, and still stumbled along. Not a good sign.

I stayed on-book for those who were willing to take their eyes off the page, took a number of technical notes (taking line notes would've been useless... and exhausting), and basically tried to keep things flowing.

I wonder if I'll play director again tonight? Somebody's got to do it. Besides, it's kinda fun. :)

Not fun was trying to find the worklights in the theatre. Fearless Leader threw me the keys as he and the other booked on outta there (I was on the phone with M, finding out where we were dining with April), and I was left to close the place up on my own.

"Worklights" is the technical term for "normal lighting" in this theatre. I had no clue where they were. I mentioned this last time we were there, when someone told me to "flick the worklights."

I knew the general areas where they were supposed to be, but damned if I could find the actual switches! After about twenty minutes of searching, I found them-- they were disguised behind innocent electrical switchplate covers. Go me :)

The state of the constitution

I'm feeling a little sick today. Dizzy, tired, slightly nauseous... I took some olive leaf extract and colostrum this morning, and some MSR-3 a few minutes ago. I hope they shoo away the sickies soon. I really can't afford to be sick.

Didn't sleep well last night... I remember tossing and turning and dreaming about an archaelogical dig in these long Egyptian hallways with Tim Curry as Frank 'N Furter. Heh. Entertaining, but now I'm tired.

My next few days are as follows:
Today: Run home at lunchtime. Find coworkers' gifts. Wrap maniacally. Distribute. Work 'til 5-- NO LATER, MISS WORKAHOLIC MISSY MA'AM!-- then run home, feed Max, and run off again by 5:30 at the latest for 6p rehearal.
Tomorrow: Let staff (of one) go at 2p, and try to get outta here by 3p. Go to mall. HAHAHAHAHA-- no, really.
Christmas: Spend time at home, alone. Consider going to M's family's for lunch. Will probably decide against it. Wrap presents for people. Deliver same, as time allows :) Ruminate. Consider baking. Hug people online.
Thursday: Work like crazy. Run to rehearsal.
Friday: Opening night-- take the day off work for some much needed rest?
Saturday and Sunday: Performances.

New Year's Eve I'll be performing Improv at Albany's First Night celebrations. Yes sir, yes sir, three shows full. M will probably come-- Rachel and Mike may join us as well-- any other takers?

I know I've been remiss on birthday greetings of late (where "of late" equals "months and months and months now"), but I want to wish miss lynspin a belated happy birthday, and send a great many birthday smooches her way :) Belated birthday wishes also to miss nikarico!

I'm having trouble concentrating right now-- my body temp seems to be fluxuating wildly, and I'm hallucinating (just a little)-- but work I must. Hope you all are having a loverly day :)
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