December 11th, 2002

when I

What a lovely way to burn

The karaoke DJ gave out Holiday Disks last night... nineteen selections culled from the previous two weeks. I didn't go week before last, but he burned two of my selections from last week.

I spaced on the whole recording thing and sang songs I didn't know that well.

Teeheehee-- I suck! OK, I don't really suck, but I sound funny :D

I should be honored, but I'm laughing too hard at myself to have much pride ;)

I crack myself up, I truly do :)

OK, back to workies *snork!*
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    me singing "Fever"

Santarchy in NYC

Everybody's got the Santa
That is something we all know
Santa isn't such a new thing
Santa started long ago! give me Santa!

OK, I really want to do this. I'm even considering becoming Cacophonous. However, considering that it's already the 11th, and I haven't even begun shopping or decorating (and am deep into rehearsals for two acting projects), this year is out of the question.

But who wants to Santa with me in NYC next year? C'mon, you know you want to ;)

Thanks to darryn for the tip.
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    I'm a Santa, you're a Santa, he's a Santa, she's a Santa, wouldn'tcha like to be a Santa, too?