December 3rd, 2002


So, yeah, I picked up this guy tonight.

I went to buy a webcam, came home with a PDA instead.

I really wasn't planning on buying a PDA. Honest. All the ones I like are terribly expensive, or bundled with cellular service (like the Sidekick).

But this little guy jumped into my cart.

He was so cute. And he was all alone.

At just $129, I couldn't outright refuse him. Besides, his name rang a bell.

And I'd gone out of my way to walk past him three times, without seeing him, for no readily apparent reason.

I figured I'd check him out online, and return him if he turned out to be a problem.

Some of the stuff I initially pulled-up didn't bode well for the little guy.

He has no external speaker. And his proprietary OS supports, well, not a whole heckuvalot.

However, further research discloses this little quiet guy with his crappy little proprietary OS is actually pretty cool.

He's very customizable. Perhaps the most user-configurable PDA on the market.

There appear to be a number of very active communities of geeks and hackers who just love this little guy.
"Imagine having a fully comaptible PPC in your hands within a month or so...MAX! This baby can't be beat. And, if you like hacking around, I haven't had so much fun since my Commodore 64:)"

I like him so much already. I cannot wait to really meet him.

He's charging up now.

And I'm going to catch some sleep.

Sweet dreams and happy days, journal friends.
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