November 24th, 2002

rubbah and horns

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WOW, that was a long bath!

OK, OK. It was really just a little over a half hour. Between then and now, I've taken a photo of my funky pants (and me, and my wine glass, and the fire) for designdiva, blushed at a lot of emailed comments, and resized a few other photos.

Without further ado...

For designdiva-- these are my funky pants. I'm not wearing them (obviously), and this photo doesn't do them justice, but they're these funky tight lacey hip-huggers with flaired bottoms. Cool, no? Note also, my new blue jammies and the enormous green wineglass.
me, me jammies, me glasses, me funky pants, me bigass wineglass, and me fire, all a wee bit out of focus.

The attachment part of the vaccuum cleaner wasn't working, so I took it apart today. JESUS LOUISE. Who'dathunk all dat gunk would be up there?!!
eek-- this is a normal sized bowl, filled with GUNK!

We got a new sidewalk at work. These guys WOULDN'T pose for me. Except the bearded guy-- he stuck out his butt and said "this is my good side!"
guys workin.

This is the star that was hanging in my backyard. Closer inspection revealed that it was now hanging from the tree (though M and I were both pretty certain that it was suspended the previous day). It's made from PVC piping. Still no clue on where it came from.
Is pretty!

It's kinda interesting from other angles.
It's not a star from other angles

Gratuitous cat photo!
Gratuitous Maxman Photo!

These are just unraked leaves in my yard. I thought they were pretty :)
 Is this my excuse for not raking? You betcher sweet bippy!

The wine is catching up with me, and Michele is home (we chatted for a bit already, but have more to catch up on), so I'm going to head off for awhile... hope your night is as enjoyable as mine (or moreso!) *huggos!*
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