October 29th, 2002


She'll pay good money for a seasoned hardwood cord

I've had more DSL problems than I can count. I won't get into them all here... but I will say that it's still not hooked-up quite yet.

HOWEVER, it should be hooked up this evening.

Phone guy came and fixed phone line. Ldy1 went out and bought 32 feet2 of beautiful yellow3 cat-5 cable4.

Tonight, my lovelies... tonight... after I've counquered the laundry monster5, I will hook everything up, download SP2 or SP3, install whatever programs I need6, drink a beer (anyone wanna come over and help kick the keg?7) and say hello.

Keep your fingers crossed.8

I'm coming back.9

1 She was baptized Episcopalian, but now she's an Illeist.
2 Next time I will consider getting 42 feet, just on principal.
3 Yellow was all they had... it'll look funny running from the computer room to the bedroom, but I can can ask the guys at the shop to order a roll of white later-- ah, so lovely having a electronic supply place around the corner!
4 Ever wonder why it's called cat-5 cable and not cat-4 or cat-6? What, you didn't? ...oh.
5 Begone, foul fiend-- by the power of April Freshness! Hopefully, this will be my very last visit to the Laundromat :D
6 Firewall, email client and Trillian, to start.
7 Kick as in empty, not kick as in kick. It's still full enough to hurt if you choose the latter... and, come to think of it, more than full enough to do some serious damage if you choose the first, actually.
8 That doesn't seem like a very nice thing to ask you to do. You can stop now.
9 "Coming back" is a really odd turn of phrase, if you think about it, isn't it?
Q A cord of wood is defined as a pile of wood stacked four feet tall by four feet wide by eight feet long, or 128 cubic feet of wood. Not a cord made of wood (which wouldn't be very useful, really). A face cord is also four feet tall and eight feet long, but only as wide as one log (usually ~16 inches, coming out to one third of a full cord).
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