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Ldy, the lemony, ligerish ducttaparian's Magic Treehouse of Lost Thoughts
A classy broad's life... with footnotes.
bought and assembled in the past few days:
yumbly new bed, computer desk, printer cart, kitchen islandy-thing, baker's rack FROM HELL
ok, the first two were a week ago or more. time flies etc.

put away in the past few days:
at least a dozen boxes of RANDOM STUFF
the remains of the seven-foot bookcase from hell--> into the garage

calls made in the past few days:
30-40+ close friendlies
beverage store for keg of Sam's
dry ice store for... something, I forgot what, though. oh. dry ice.
dsl sales rep, dsl floor supervisor, dsl supervisor-supervisor
different dsl company :P

operating systems installed in the past few days:
win2k. remind me to visit the dark side come to my senses install some flavour of linux sometime when things have quieted down, k?

drivers installed in the past few days:
sweet jeebus, i've lost count.

emails made in the past few days:
joanna misty norm jerry parker

play seen in the past few days:
good-- which is both the name and the critique.

bills paid in the past few days:
my very firstest mortgage payment, plus a little extra

read in the past few days:
terry pratchett's the light fantastic and equal rites
stuff on vitamin b
stuff on regedit32
stuff about you
a zillion anna half other things (i read a lot)

current game addiction (thanks, sb):

work is insane. working 10+ hour days just writing and writing and writing. reading, too, i guess.
is there anything you wanna know about B vitamins? c'mon, i know you've got questions.
we are letting a staff member go. i feel bad, though it wasn't really my decision. it's for the best, I think, though it signals more work ahead.
i'm so tired at night that I can't even sleep. but it's all good :) things are getting done!

this is a test, it is only a test. we will return you to your normal ldy when her home computer is working again. thank you and buhbye *smooooch*

I'm feeling all kinds of: exhausted exhausted
What I hear: the goodbye vitamins, i'm goin' home song

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