September 15th, 2002


Fragmented memories of a busy weekend

Wore cool cords from Junkman's Daughter
Hung out with xso in his yard a little bit
xso: "Everybody's gonna wanna touch your pants, y'know." Me: "Yeah, but it's mostly girls, so no big deal." xso: "...!"
Mutual friends came over just as I was leaving
Went to Amanda's party:
Joanna: "OMG, everybody-- you have to feel these pants!!" Heh.
Played Rat-a-tat-Cat
Turned it into a drinking game
Drank Tequila Sunset Slushies
Hugs to Janet, Hugs to Kristin
Twister? Maybe next time.
Jack! Real Rat-a-tat-Cat!
Girls vs. Guys-- girls win three hands-down, then the guys get one and quit ;)
Back to xso's.
Mutual friends had left just before I arrived
Hung out with xso and Patrick by the cast-iron chiminea
Back home to sleep.

Tried sleeping in, phone kept ringing.
LJ'd for a bit
Floor guy: won't be done 'til Tuesday, but upstairs floor should be OK to walk on now
Took ten+ boxes to house; floors upstairs still damp from first coat of polyurethane
Downloaded UT2k3
More LJ
Showered, dressed, went to the show
Pre-show orange champagne jello-shots.
Improv was FABULOUS. Full house. Amanda, Jack and Kris were in the house; Michele, too. Lotsa fun.
No Eman :(
Janet's last show
Jack: "insecure," "megalomaniac," "obstinant"
Big Dan as our Miss Cleo victim (sooo very good!)
Wooly Bully, Wooly Bully!
Off to Junior's Alibi's
Dunno if they have food; let's get some pizza!
No pizza anywhere
Food a'plenty at Alibi's - $200 bill! Mmm, chocolate martinis
Got everyone's address, just because
Fantasm? Amanda: HELL YEAH. Michele: ...probably.
Savannah's - JOCAMO! Whee :)
Gave cute guitarist my email addy *blush* Nothing will come of it, but it was nice to blush for awhile.
He remembered Shakespeare
Walk to the Bighouse - dance some more!
Home again, home again.

Eeps - was supposed to be helping Janet move back to Iowa!
Cleaning at Janet's
Picking up Betsy Ross (the car)
Hugs and missingness
Taco Schmell
More boxes to car
Here we are again.

Happy Belated Birthday

Mreow, purrr purrr purr, headbutt, meyow, growl, headbutt!

Two points if you recognize the song, folks. You'd know it if you heard it.
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