September 4th, 2002

rubbah and horns

Come back to livejournal, your new island home

I need to sleep.

And I hope dlocke comes back.

Have borrowed car to get to closing and work tomorrow.

Will catch up with birthmadaze and CMuWotDs tomorrow or Thursday.

Thank you for the support today. It did help just knowing people were out there, empathizing/sympathizing.

G'night. *huggos*
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rubbah and horns

We would have such a very good time such a fine time, such a happy time


Mechanic called me at 8:30a this morning, picked up the key in my mailbox, and evidently towed my car to his shop.
There wasn't a line at the bank, and I got my certified check without any problems.
Even with being so late to the closing, I was still quite a bit earlier than my attorney ;)
Discovered a discrepancy between estimate and actual cost of title insurance, and got refunded quite a bit of money.
A very dear friend, ly, is pregnant, and thrilled :D

And it's a beautiful day :)

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Is that your CAP, SLOCK?

I went to the my house this evening.

We talked for a little bit.

It's empty. And it needs a LOT of work.

This realization was compounded by the fact that I got to see the interior of the next door neighbor's nearly-identical house, and hers is AMAZING. A zillion times nicer than mine! She did exactly what I wanted to do with the kitchen! EVERYTHING about her place is so incredibly beautiful. And SHE'S MOVING SOON! Had I but waited, I could have had HER house (designed by the same architect-- it was the one he chose to live in, and has extra-nice built-ins and stuff, in addition to all that she has done). Ah, well.

Moving in may be delayed for quite awhile... seems the city has chosen NOW to COMPLETELY REPLACE THE SIDEWALK. I kid you not.

Eman stopped by just as I was leaving... his comment was a simple "WOW." I'm taking it as a compliment :)

Came home to a message on my machine from my mechanic (ah, alliteration!). He apologized profusely. And replaced my muffler for FREE. Can't beat that with a stick! I should give him a call.

In case I don't get the chance to come back and give PROPER birthday wishings, let me just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to latraviata and princessashi! And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to i, gdj and darktrain!

I must be tired. I'm emphasizing in ALLCAPS. FREQUENTLY.

Gonna finish this Mike's, perhaps play a round of isketch while my halloween music downloads, read a bit of Terry Pratchett, and call it a night.

Goodnight, lovelies :)
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