September 3rd, 2002


A very brief update

Well, Dragoncon was great
I saw some LJ people I really wanted to see-- which is wonderful
Missed petermarcus, which is bad
Picked up car last night from mechanic, who evidently replaced oil gasket (which is good)
Got stopped by cops on way home because he didn't do anything with the exhaust (which is bad)
Talked to mechanic down the street, says he might be able to patch muffler until I can get it fixed (good)
Went out to car, wouldn't start (bad)
Checked oil, THERE IS NO OIL (very bad)
Mechanic not returning calls (#&@^$*)
Supposed to do walkthrough at house tonight, may not have a car (I can bike, if I can get home)
Supposed to close on house tomorrow, in another town (#@#^* ^&#^$* *#&^$&#*#&^*#^&*!)
Realtor not coming (GAH!)
Lawyer not returning calls at all (GRR!)
Have work up to my neck (glubblubsink)
Feel like I'm going to cry. Scratch that, I am crying.

More at another time.
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Another small update

Finally got a hold of the lawyer at 5pm. The closing costs are about a grand higher than my estimate. And my lawyer just informed me that I'd need a certified check for the amount he just told me.

OK, mind you, it's already after 5pm.

My bank is, of course, closed and will not reopen until 9am.

The closing is half an hour away (normally). An hour away at rush hour.

The closing is at 9am. Tomorrow.

. . .

I'm seriously questioning my lawyer's ability to handle simple math. Perhaps he holds the secret to time travel?

OK, I'm still at work, still have no car, and am due at the walkthrough in 10 minutes.

How fast can I walk there? Let's find out!
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