August 28th, 2002


C is for cookie, and cookie is for me.

Car: Dropping off tonight after haircut; will be worked on while I am away. Evidently, there is a leak in the oil pan gasket.

Cat: Fat, happy, gonna be sad to see me go for five days.

Cats-eye contacts: "Ma'am? Your order, along with several others, was never downloaded..." This from the people who called me last Wednesday to say there wouldn't be any problem :P So they're sending them directly to the Hyatt for delivery Friday morning. That place is gonna be a MADHOUSE Friday morning. Hope I get them!!

Closing: not until next WEDNESDAY. The seller ain't gonna be happy. Heh. Realtor just called me-- "let's use the bank attorney and get it done Friday!!" Ummm... I could live with having to reschedule my many Dragoncon plans on-the-fly (yikes, what a headache!), but using the bank's attorney strikes me as an obvious conflict of interests. I may lose the house, but so be it. *sigh*

Codependency: I am dependent upon this company for a paycheck. Does that make me co.dependent?

Consulting: Two clients today. Very quick. I like my clients. Much work to do now.

Costume: I have no idea what it's gonna look like, but I know it's gonna be cool. I love doing things at the last minute ;) *Rowr!*

Cut & Color: Today, at 5:30 (until who-knows-when!). Gonna be red, red, RED and short, short, SHORT!

Cthulu, Call of: Can't he just leave a message on the machine like everyone else?
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Green oggs and hamm

Oh, my. This press release might not look all that newsworthy...

...but it may change the way we look at music today.

MP3s. We know 'em. We love 'em. And now that Thompson (the patent holder) is charging royalties for MP3 encoders and decoders, we're gonna see a lot less of 'em, I bet.*

Ogg Vorbis, anyone?

* Of course I said the same thing about GIFs... but Vorbis is using this to their distinct marketing advantage; something libpng never did. Oh, I hope this takes off, I really do.
** Umm, shouldn't I be packing? Oh, yeah.
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