August 25th, 2002


"How do you do that? Get your hair like that? So classy, and yet so sleazy-sexy at the same time?"

Yesterday, I went for a beer with Eman at VanDyck after work. Oh, yum. Afterwards, we went minature golfing (I did well, and even got the last impossible hole that takes 2 strokes off your game!), then went back to his place to watch the Robin Williams HBO special. I knew half of it from random quotes I'd seen from you guys :)

Then I came home and slept. And slept. And slept some more. It was only nine or ten hours, but it felt like forever.

Today, E and I went to the second-hand stores to scout for DragonCon stuff. I found me a nice, fuzzy tail for Dragon-Con ...and got a fairly deep cut on the palm side of my thumb from a series of staples on a pair of jeans. Eep.

We ran a few errands; then I came home, read about three pages of the first Discworld book, and promptly zonked out for an hour.

Had Michele's belated birthday dinner at Sitar. It also served as a congratulatory dinner for April and Chris, who graduated from PA school yesterday (M, E and I brought April roses-- "You're so VEIN, you probably think these flowers are for you..."). Much fun. Wish my stomach could handle the heavy amount of oil in Indian food better. I did fall in love with the "Special Nan" I ordered, which was sweet and nutty and just out of this world.

No, I don't know why the camera only chose to focus on the one side.
Rachel, Eman, Chris, Michele, April's flowers, Ken, April and me. Mike's taking the photo.

Then we all went to Rock 'n Bowl, which was really just Bowl, because the DJ never showed up and they didn't turn on the lights. I played terribly. I'll blame my Gaping Thumb Wound and ripped nail (ow) for the time being, but truth be told, I'm really not a very good bowler. Even with my sexy green ball.

I got a good night's sleep last night and napped today, and I'm still tired. Time for bed. But before I go...

Happy Birthday
Jonathan Ashley Womack czircon

You are such an extraordinary writer and person. I wish you a year of surprising truths and outrageous honesty, an affectionate muse that tempts and delivers pizza, and happiness (in whatever form it pleases you best). *hugs*

In before midnight, and I'm ready for bed before one. I'd say I was getting old, but the poem on my userinfo page has me cut off at six, and who am I to argue? Goodnight, lj; goodnight, moon :)
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