August 22nd, 2002

rubbah and horns

Karaoke, Sleep, Errands, Dragoncon, Cat Eyes and a House?

Went to Karaoke Tuesday. Had the time of my life. Sang:
Proud Mary
You Oughta Know
Dirty Deeds2

Got skipped in the rotation once or twice, and stayed up way too late.

Was tired and cranky all day yesterday. Went to bed as soon as I got home (~6:30p), and didn't get up until 7:30 this morning.

Guess between the physical stress of rafting and staying up too late, and the mental/emotional stress of work and the house closing, I'd been running myself ragged. Or maybe I'm just helping billijean keep the universe in balance. Whatever the reason, I'm feeling a lot better today, but I've got a lot to do tonight.

Slept through the deadline for crazyasspeople. Ah, well; some things just weren't meant to be. The entry was completed Tuesday, perhaps I should've sent it in then.

S'probably for the best-- next week looks rough: improv rehearsal Monday, orthotist Tuesday, hair Wednesday (cut and color, so ~2 hours), and I leave early Thursday morning for Dragon-Con. Looks like I may have to do laundry Sunday or Tuesday, and pack Tuesday orx late Wednesday.

Bought these crazy cat eyes yesterday for Dragon-Con :) I'll probably be allergic to them3 and only able to wear them for a couple hours at a time, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. Wanted to get these green ones instead, but they don't come in my prescription (I really am very blind). Ooh, just stumbled across these... no way I could justify the cost, but they're gorgeous, no?

Are we closing on the house tomorrow? Your guess is as good as mine... From what I understand, the seller moved out last night, so I really hope we do, for her sake. *ringring* That was the paralegal... still don't know for sure, as we're still waiting for the new deed, but she's working on it. *sigh*

Yikes. Looks like I already have to go back ~125 entries to catch up with the lot of you. Let's hope I'm extraordinarly overproductive when I go on my next break :P

Happy Thursdaying to you!

1 I woke up with that song in my head, and had to sing it. I sang it terribly :P
2 I'd originally put in Promises in the Dark as my fourth song, but my voice was in no shape for that, so I substituted Just a Girl. Within ten minutes of my doing so, however, another girl sang Just a Girl, so I put in Dirty Deeds. It was definitely a crowd pleaser, and may be one of my best songs.
3 My optomotrist last year didn't believe me when I said I couldn't wear disposables, or any lens (that I knew of) other than the brand I currently wear. He said it was nearly impossible to have an allergic reaction to lenses, and that it was likely the cleaning system. He sent me home with a pair of disposables, and told me to use my usual cleaning system. When I returned a week later, he was suprised, convinced and rather sheepish. I really am one in a million, eh?
x Whoops-- forgot about karaoke there! Gotta go to that; one of our karaoke friends is leaving town FOREVER [ominous chord] in a couple weeks, and I don't get to see her nearly enough as it is.
4 This footnote intentionally left blank.
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Sad and happy

Closing's been delayed by another week, at least.

We're looking at sometime the week after Labor day. Maybe.

Everybody's unhappy 'bout that.

I was supposed to talk to a Very Important Person by phone today because my boss could not... unfortunately, I do not have his number. Ugh.

And there's a small little chickadee that's been hopping around outside for a few hours. I think there's something wrong with his wing. It just kills me.

I'm hoping that he miraculously heals, and that if it doesn't, and a cat does get him, that he doesn't see it coming and death is quick and painless. I can't think of any way to help him (or her) besides a prayer and a hope.

I have a headache. Sinuses aren't happy either, evidently.

I could use a hug.

In happier news,

Happy Belated Birthday
I first met you because you had Newcastle as an interest, waaay back when. Since then, you have been a dear friend, and inspiration and one of the people I most want to meet and give a big ol' hug to. I wish you words that sing, a muse that inspires and a completely kickin' year. *hugs*


Happy Birthday
I haven't known you very long, but I've actually met you, and feel blessed to know you. I wish you immense success in your entrepreneurship, delicious food and smooth vodka, and exhilarating sparks throughout your year.

Just thinking about those two people, and about the rest of you, brightened my day. Thank you :)
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