August 14th, 2002


Brain Dump

First off,
Happy Belated Birthday

Three! How big you're getting! You're almost all growned up! ...but not quite. Wishing you a year of wonder and growth and all the happiness that being three offers. *hugs*

(I meant to write that yesterday from home, but wasn't home for more than twenty minutes-- which was exactly the amount of time it took to get my contacts in. Yeeps. More about that later.)

Secondly, you guys rock on so many levels. THANK YOU for making my day bearable yesterday!

The "ORCHASM" definitions are here. I love every single one of 'em!!

I didn't really have time to look at them yesterday, but I made time. So very worth it :)

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Funny linkies of the day-o (links open in new window): xiombarg
And no, it's not one of those "stare at the photo until something scary jumps out at you" things. It really is just an ad, and a damned funny one at that, once you realize what it's implying. scottobear
Very old comic book cover. It's all about the wood. A nice compliment to the photo above. scottobear
Leonard Nimoy's The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins has a video. That's all I can say. monkey
Vision to the blind. I've read about half of it, in bite-sized chunks. Amazing.

Back I go *dives into the fray*
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Completely Made-up Word of the Day

for Wednesday, August 14, 2002, is:


Can you help with a definition? :)

...and should I continue posting these ridiculous, orchasmic things on a regular, semi-regular or even daily basis?

Poll #53638 Should she? Or shouldn't she? Does only her hairdresser know for sure?

Should ldy continue with the "Completely Made-up Word of the Day?"

Oh, baby-- again and again and again until there's hair on my hands and I can't see straight!
Once in awhile is OK, but daily's a drag on my bandwidth.
Please don't.
Terribly sorry; I don't speak Imaginary English.
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You take the good, you take the bad, you take 'em both and there you have... random links.

(Links will open in new window for your browsing convenience.)

Oooh-- I LOVE this comic! Thanks, mentalguy!!
"Careful, naked Orson Welles! Don't crash into the amorphous gas beast!"
And yes, I remember someone here mentioning that quote before, but I never followed up on it *hangs head in shame*

Oooh-- I LOVE this music! Thanks, hypnogun!! (And thanks god_dot_com for the link!)
"You know it's still a dream-- don't you, sunshine?" Buying this CD. Yes, indeedy.

Dammit. Someone just paid me back for sharing yatta (and then some).
"Kit, do you know how lonely I get, Kit? Gary Coleman's just not doing it for me anymore..."

And I have no words left for this:
"Watch as four of me sing and do the traditional plucking-long-hairs-off-my-clothes dance!"

Meanwhile, I'm laughing my arse off at these. Yup, you guys are amazing :D I may have to post the results at some point (behind an lj-cut), if that's OK :)
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