July 31st, 2002

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Oh, that was such a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

The weight:
Insane awful work, spinning my wheels, getting NOTHING done.
Realtor is awol. Was supposed to return from vacation Monday. No one's seen him.
Seller's agent is filling in for realtor, which makes things a little weird*
Seller's agent says seller is really not happy with me.
Recieve hazard insurance requirements from bank.
Panic at not having homeowner's insurance yet.
Start filling out online application. It went on and on and on. I didn't have some answers.
Had to stop filling in app to do 379343795 loads of laundry at the laundromat
New shirts, bought for Toronto, destined to be all-time favourites, ruined by laundromat :(
New shirt from Twelfth Night, never worn, ruined by laundromat :(
Drove by house, realized I couldn't eyeball the distance from the fire hydrant, the size of the porch or the deck.
Said "screw it!" and called the seller.

We had a lovely chat. She's a sweet, sweet lady. She doesn't seem angry at me. I thanked her for her patience. She had many of the answers I needed. She was panicking because she had no place to leave her pets during closing. I said she could keep them at the house for the day.

I feel so much better.

Now I have to re-fill-out that application (which timed-out) and create wedding programmes for my friend's wedding next week. And figure out what the heck I'm going to wear instead of those two lovely shirts. And take out the garbage. And cut my nails. And water the dead plants. And and and.

Still, I feel a whole lot better.

* He's quite ethical, but it's still weird.
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