June 30th, 2002

rubbah and horns

food is not my friend

Was invited to two wonderful parties last night; didn't make it to either of them.

Spent my evening alternately resting, puking, clutching my pounding head and attempting to watch A Fish Called Wanda.

I am one sick puppy.

Meanwhile, it appears to be the most beautiful weekend of the year thus far.

Will I make it to rehearsal today? Can I possibly?

We'll see. I do hope so.

Birthamaday wishes will have to wait until I can see a bit straighter.
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I do I know not what and fear my eye too great a flatterer for my mind

Well, I made it to rehearsal. However, even with the liberal application of 30 SPF sunblock and staying in the shade, I still think I managed to get a lovely case of sun poisoning (rehearsal is held outside on Sundays) :P

Well, at least I feel well enough this evening to get a few things done... Oh, surprise! My friends are taking me out for my birthday dinner tonight. I've no idea if I'll be able to keep anything down, but this is the only night everyone can make it... the first night since my birthday actually occurred. Well, food or no, the company of friends is sure to do a body good.

Before I run off...

Happy Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday

I wish you all a year of big changes that don't overwhelm, and small changes that make all the difference in the world.

To the shower!
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G R Double-E N Leaves

DAMN YOU princessashi


Original YATTA! (even more bizarre, imo)

Can't get enough YATTA?

ADDENDUM: I THOUGHT "anger sanka" looked familiar!
Who'dathunk a google search would lead me to wjl and then to veloso?!! I'm only slightly freaked now. Only slightly.

And yes, I did think it odd that there might be another "terra" and another "Exophase" in this very, very, very small world.

Now how the heck did I manage to miss this first, second or third time 'round?
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