June 21st, 2002


On espians and lower brain functions.

Another busy day. Ran errands at lunch. Worked late. Went shopping after work for a wedding present (and somehow ended up with three). Fed the cat and went back out again.

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I really wish I'd eaten something somewhere along the way. By the time the meeting was over, my blood sugar had bottomed out and my IQ had dropped about forty points. Hard to hold a decent conversation with Keith or Nancy (the biggest* of the big people*) under those conditions. Ah, well. I'm sure they won't hold it against me. I did manage to pick up a bite on the way home... mainly because I was driving along going "buy food. buy food. buy food. stop. buy food. supermarket. go. buy. food. you passed it. turn around. buy food. food. yes. food good. buy. eat. now." Thank heavens for lower brain functions.

Before I collapse...

Happy Belated Birthdays
to two of my favouritest people on LJ

My brain is too fried to write specific wishes for the year-to-come, but know that I love you and wish you every happiness always. *HUGS!*

And though I doubt he'll see it, I also wish gadfly a Belated Happy Birthday. I do miss that guy, and wonder how he's doing.

Sweet dreams, dear sweet dreamers.

* Actually, they're not any bigger than I am, really, and I'm pretty small. They're quite nice and down-to-earth, too. But you know what I mean.
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Make the White Queen Run so Fast

keep on smilin!I just spent three hours actively troubleshooting a networking problem that never should have happened.


The source of the trouble is still there, but everything is up and running now.

If I had more time, I'd fix it at its source, but I'm way behind on "real" work as it is.

Tonight, dinner and a play. Tomorrow, friend's wedding. Sunday, rehearsal. At every opportunity in between, I ought to study my lines-- showtime approaches quickly. I also have a list of other assorted things that need doing.

Oh, and Mortgage Guy says SONYMA would be more trouble and immediate expense than it's worth. :( That's a bummer. I'd been excited about that rate. Need to talk to realtor, then apply Plan B.

Oh, and in the continuing livejournal dream series, I dreamt of duchess_webb night before last. I don't remember last night's dreams at all.

Hey! It's FRIDAY! :D zzzzzzzzzoooooooooooooooooooooooooom!
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Keeping my sanity as best I cancan

I heard a song on my way into work this morning.

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Bits of it were in English.

Seaman - Stop dreaming,
Don't think of your home!
Seaman - The wind and waves
Call to you alone.

Seaman, your home is the sea.

It was actually quite a lovely song, but any morning that starts with seaman on the radio warrants a bit of caution.

I've had my morning surreal, how about you?
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    "every sperm is sacred" in my head. Wait, that didn't sound right, did it.