June 18th, 2002

rubbah and horns

Second in the series of Great Marketing Design Ideas Gone Horribly Wrong

OK, so today I'm researching diabetic footwear for a client.

I realize these are supposed to be pretty, sandy toes; likely meant to imply comfort and just how well these shoes conform to one's feet:

But at first glance, all I can think is "Look! Look at my hideous foot disease! Pardon me while I stick my scary fungus-covered toes in your face! Oh, and buy our shoes!"*

In other news, I've been having a lot of weird lj dreams lately. Night before last, I dreamt of monkey. Last night, I dreamt of circlek and blake. Whom will it be tonight?

* I do not mean to offend anyone who might have such a foot disease; I merely question its appropriateness and effectiveness at selling footwear.
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rubbah and horns


Happy Birthdays!

One of the sweetest ladies on lj, or anywhere for that matter. I wish you continued happiness, much time to spend with family and loved ones, a big dream finished, and new dreams begun.

I wish you beautiful women whose souls reach through your talent and experience and onto the page, recorded for all history (damn, that's a selfish wish. ;) ) a plethora of intellectual rivals, and much happiness, always :)