June 12th, 2002

rubbah and horns

brief update


Busy busy day. Lunch was spent at bank... and I made an appointment for a much-needed haircut Saturday. I've no idea what to do with my hair, and probably won't have any idea until after it's done. I think I'll live with whatever he does.

Went to transfer old, nonessential data from an old computer so that I could reformat it today for the bookkeeper's use. Evidently, it's got a NASTY virus. Someone hacked it while it was networked to the other computers back in March. Emails are propogating so quickly on it that it ate 87M of space in the span of half an hour or less. Ick.

Looks like Nimda. Seems to be quarantined on that computer alone (not networked and hasn't been in awhile), so I'm not worrying about it. Worst case scenario: I lose all my old data from when I was using the computer at night for my own nefarious purposes. So, a zillion old Megazeux games will be lost. I think I'll live.

It was late by the time I got out of here... ran home to find a msg on my machine-- Janet needed a ride to rehearsal. Took a quick shower, picked her up, ran to rehearsal. We were a half hour late. I think I'll live.

Then we went to karaoke. I finally got dinner around 9p in the form of a slice of pizza (Wonder-food powers activate! Form of... pizza!). It wasn't anything special, but it was food in my tummy. I think I'll live.

I sang "Promises in the Dark," "Killing Me Softly" and "Magic Man." I wasn't very good. I think I'll live.

A zillion things to do today. Early birthday lunch with the office. Need to leave by 5p so that my boss can give me a ride to my car, and then it's off to rehearsal in East Bumfus. I will not get everything done here today. I think I'll live.

Tomorrow I take a class in Dreamweaver somewhere in Albany. I haven't had time to look at the program in ages. I've barely touched the book they sent me. I'll be rather unprepared. I think I'll live.

Friday is MY DAY. No work. No nuthin'. I think I'll LIVE ^_^

And I will never use that phrase again, now that I see how silly it really is. Live with it ;)
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Today was a terrible day.

I woke up late for work. It was hot as hell. My hair was a mess. The phones were screwy. Computer guy was on my computer all day trying to fix virus problem on old computer. I may have lost all my old data. I got nothing done. I'm so far behind that I'll never catch up.

Today was a beautiful day.

I wore a long, breezy sleeveless batiked dress, my mother's sharp black cardigan, and granite earrings The W had bought me in Germany long ago.

It was steamy hot outside, but later a short cold-front rainstorm hit and the temp dropped by twenty degrees.

The office took me out to lunch-- to the pub across the street (which I've been known to frequent at lunchtime). The owner himself served us our meals. The pub (likely the owner and the bartender) gave me a long-stemmed rose. Everyone there wished me a happy birthday. At the end of the meal, I was presented with a tasty piece of cake that reminded me of a snickers bar.

When we returned to the office, there was more cake. With lemon filling. Nobody but you guys know about my lemoniness. It was a fluke. Or perhaps it was karma. Regardless, it was excellent. There was a lovely card from everyone, too.

Eman sent me a dozen roses (fourteen, actually). They are lovely and sweet-smelling. The card reads: "Spirits soar and smiles abound, this day gave the world you." It's written in his handwriting, so I'm guessing he set this up before he went away to see his nieces.

It's not even my birthday yet, and it's already a bazillion better than the last one. (And not just because bad things bother me less than they did.)

I was saved from working 'til all hours by my boss and his wife, who could only give me a lift to my car if we left no later than 5p. I got into a wonderful conversation with a gentleman named Patrick in the parking lot of the car place... I've no idea why he decided to stop to give me his life story, but he did. He's a working stiff with a nice house, a wife and... a Bengal tiger. We discussed relationships, mortgages, the economy, the stock market, housing and integrity and ethics. Simply wonderful.

My car runs again-- and far better than it did before. It idles steadily (something it's never done), has more pickup and makes no noise beyond its purr/growl.

Rehearsal was uneventful, but enjoyable, and I received hugs from three people I care about very much. I whistled as I drove under the Bridge of Doom.

Spoke to Miss M-- she was supposed to work tomorrow night, but her schedule was changed. And she doesn't have to work Friday morning, either! Fun tomorrow night with a dear friend. I think I'll wear something funky (and must, since I haven't much left by way of clean laundry).

Tomorrow is the Dreamweaver class. I'm considering wearing my birthday hat. It is a gold lame princess hat with gold sequins. Ridiculous! But who cares if I look ridiculous? It's my seventh birthday! And those only happen... well, several times in one's lifetime, really, but not nearly often enough. If not the hat, then something else bizarre. I'll save the birthday suit for a more appropriate occasion and venue.

Friday is MEday. Gonna get me that mortgage, and perhaps get my nails done.

I'm going to read you lovely folks and catch up on comments until my birthday proper.

At which time, I will celebrate in a glorious fit of delicious sleep.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who know what's good for 'em.
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