May 30th, 2002


Yikes, midnight again! Time for a bolded braindump.

Exhausted again. At least I know it's from running myself ragged, and not due to some mysterious illness or anything.

I did my laundry, and countered the bid.

My realtor seems convinced it's a go. :) I'll know for certain tomorrow.

When I got to his office, I ran into an old theatre friend (and his girlfriend, whom I've still not met, really) who is about my age and who had just closed on his dream house. I know that Ruthless gets most of his business through theatre referrals, but it was funny running into a dear person I've worked with before.

I should stop calling him Ruthless. He's very good at what he does, but he's really quite a softie (in the good way).

I asked him some pertinent questions about appraisal vs. assessment vs. market value, how they interrelate, and the laws that affect them ("Hello, Stranger!" is a very funny name for a law, I think). He got really into talking about it, and suggested that I get my Real Estate license and consider part-time work at the firm. I was rather flattered by that.

I talked to my Dad on the phone for quite a long time. He's a bit frustrated by the fact that he's so far away (I helped troubleshoot some computer problems for him while we talked and totally understood what he meant!), but he's pleased and very proud of me.

I didn't grow up with my father (my mother had custody), so these bonding moments are very precious to me... and the fact that he's proud of me feels soooo very good. I didn't give him much to be proud about growing-up.

I imagine he wants his daughter to rely on him, while capably making her own decisions. I think I made the best of this paradoxial situation.

I'm proud of me, too.

And it feels soooo very good.

Goodnight, lj.

Oh, mousie? I'm thinking about you, and hoping you're OK. Thank God you weren't in your old car. Thank God.
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Closer to fine

Realtor called... They're gonna take it!

Need to get a prequal* for them to take it off the market, and make things all official-like.

Mortgage-Guy will be calling soon.


I have to focus on work again now.

* Prequalification letter. Not a mortgage, but a letter stating that I'm qualified to get a loan for the amount of the mortgage.
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rubbah and horns

Stated for the Record

Did I tell you all that the house is in Prixtoria, NW? I'm sick to death of it here in Upstate, New York. The taxes are terrible.

Even though New Wellington borders New York, and Prixtoria is just over that border, it's like a whole 'nother world away.

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rubbah and horns

Quick like a bunny

I got the house
Signed the papers and everything.

Now all I need (right away) is an attorney, a home inspector, a mortgage and a drink.

Last things first, I always say.

Cheers, mates *clink*
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So much time and so little to do

You guys rock SO much-- thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I'm honestly too tired to be super-excited about the house thing right now, but but all the happiness in my journal? Now that's exciting. Really, I'm very touched. ^_^

I wish I had the energy right now to answer each and every one. But I'm just going to babble here for a couple minutes and call it a night, lest I be left with no energy tomorrow, too.

The seller is such a nice lady. She reminds me a little of xso's mom. One of her cats sat on my lap and her dog vied for attention while I signed the paperwork. She took out warrantee insurance for the major things in the house (like plumbing, electrical, furnace, etc.)-- it helps cover her butt from a lawsuit if something goes terribly wrong after I've lived there a bit, and makes my life a lot easier, too. The roof and the fireplace insert are still under warrantee, and she kept all the other warrantees too (like for the range and the refrigerator, etc.).

Her husband was upstairs playing computer games during the whole process. ;)

The garden has a lot more going on than I'd realized-- there are roses and irises and hyacinth and dogwood and lots more. Oh, and there's a cat door in a basement window for Max (if I choose to keep it).

I was looking at the dining room, once again amazed at how much BIGGER the place really is in comparison to my memories of it, when she said something in passing about how it's such a big house for just her, her husband, their three cats and their dog. Oy!

I feel vaguely good about this, but not extraordinarly happy. It just hasn't sunk in yet.

I have to find an attorney tomorrow so that I might get this contract approved by 06/04.
I have to contact banks so that I might get a mortgage by 06/06.
I have to find an inspector so that I might get it inspected by 06/07.
And I have a full day of work tomorrow, and rehearsal tomorrow night.

Ldy needs sleep, badly.

Hugs to those who need 'em, those who want 'em, and those who'll help me paint this bigass house
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